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The Apple Watch Case Study: what we can learn and apply from an affordance analysis

New HFI white paper – by Mary M. Michaels

This free white paper introduces affordance decomposition, a technique that enables you to quickly assess products and services from an end user perspective as well as from an ecosystem perspective.

Affordance decomposition is taught in HFI’s UX training course Omni-Channel UX Strategy and Innovation: an ecosystem and future modeling approach. In this white paper, it used to analyze the Apple Watch from four perspectives:

  • Functions: what can be done or offered to the user?
  • Meaning: what could this mean for the user psychologically?
  • Limitations: restrictions, based on the technology or business requirements
  • Challenges: problems that are obvious from the technology or offering

“An affordance decomposition is a type of analysis which helps us try to predict how a product like the Apple Watch might fit into people’s lives, and where there might be innovations that could delight users, as well as features and functionality that could undermine widespread accpetance.”

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