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UX: The Missing Link for Successful Game Design

“Are you operating on a “Ready, Fire, Aim” process? I work for HFI, a UX company that has been doing user-centered design for 30 years. In this Webinar, I’m going to talk about how HFI does user research to understand the deep emotional landscape of your users. I’ll also explain how we build a strategy with our clients based on the results of…


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CUA of the Month, December 2012, Asea Ginsburg

Asea Ginsburg

Principal, Creative Director

Arigam Strategies

User Centered Design as a Business Model

by Jim Garrett

When Asea Ginsburg started her own consulting firm, she wanted to put usability at the core of all the services the company was offering. That company,…


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Work Smarter: Object-Oriented User Experience Design

In this paper, Dr. Eric Schaffer, Founder and CEO of Human Factors International, talks about how UX practitioners can work faster, cheaper, and better by moving away from organizing just for individual projects and moving toward object-oriented user experience design.

In this free white…


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Institute of Customer Experience (ICE) receives the prestigious Social Media Leadership Award 2012 for best practices in the Customer Services category

FAIRFIELD, IA—November 19, 2012 – Human Factors International (HFI) is pleased to announce that their non-profit Institute of Customer Experience (ICE) has received the prestigious Social Media Leadership Award 2012 for best practices in the Customer Services category.

The inaugural Social Media…


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Future Scenarios Contest

World Usability Day (WUD) was founded to ensure the services and products important to life are easier to access and simpler to use. The focus this year is Usability of Financial Systems.…


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Apala's War Story: Whose side is the researcher on by Steve Portigal

Apala Lahiri Chavan, Chief Oracle and Innovator at HFI relates a tale about her own distress when faced with a difficult household…


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Usability is not a recent thought, but an ancient thought :)

Years passed i used to work for a video studio as post-production assistant.

I had a chance to interact with an archeologist called Dr.K.P.Poonacha who was helping some production house as a subject matter expert. During my short discussion i was asking about  'Hampi', one of the UNESCO identified…


Added by Laxman Shivashankar on November 7, 2012 at 2:00am — 7 Comments

CUA of the Month – November, 2012 - Amanda Messer

Amanda Messer

Usability & UI Specialist

Hyland Software, Inc


One Person Can Make a…


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Social Response to Communication Technology (Mobile Phones)

This article appeared originally in the HFI UX Design Newsletter, October, 2012

Mobile phones are often considered as powerful tools to persuade customers. The myriad of native hardware such as camera, accelerometer, magnetic sensor, GPS, light sensor, compass, etc., presents a unique opportunity to provide context specific experiences.

The fact that…


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UX Strategy: Let’s Stop Building Usable Wrong Things

New HFI white paper – A conversation with Dr. Eric Schaffer

UX Strategy starts with executive intent. The intent may be to differentiate in order to maintain market share in a competitive market. Or to minimize…


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World Usability Day Events

World Usability Day is Nov 8th. This year's theme is usability of financial systems. Below are WUD events that HFI is participating in. Are you participating in a WUD event? Feel free to post it in the comments below.

New York, November 8 NYC UXPA and Bloomberg present, The Usability of Financial Systems.



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What every CIO needs to know about user experience design

This article by Eric Schaffer was published in Information Week on August 22, 2012

With the commoditization of hardware and software, organizations have started to look to user experience design as their key differentiator. In a recent Forrester study, 93 percent of organizations see customer…


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Latest Course Schedule for CXA and Mobile courses

Institutionalization of UX
Washington DC   Nov 15-16…

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CUA of the Month – October, 2012 - Sharon Forbes

Sharon Forbes

User Experience…


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My CUA Icon?

Dear community,

I'd care to post that pale blue icon with my CUA number in it on my website, but I have a hard time finding it. Would someone be so kind and point me to a page where I can download it from?

Thank you,

Claudius Iacob

Added by Claudius Tiberiu Iacob on September 26, 2012 at 10:44am — 5 Comments

Going Mobile? Speed is Fine, But UX Strategy is Final

New HFI white paper – by Saurabh Gupta and Amber Krishan

This white paper discusses the relevance and nuances of the mobile channel across three key aspects: business considerations, user engagement and technical capabilities.

In this free white paper:

Most companies go through the following six stages in their mobile journey:

  • Mobile Trigger
  • Rushed Development
  • Reality Check
  • Repair and Rescue…

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UX Strategy: The Heart of User-Centered Design

By April McGee

Published: September 3, 2012

“It is essential that an organization’s UX strategy be at the core of user-centered design. A UX strategy establishes goals for a cohesive user experience across all channels and touchpoints.”

Today, organizations…


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CUA of the Month – September, 2012

Rima Ramia Campbell

Vice President, 

User Research Lead

Citibank NA

Customer Expectations & Enterprise Goals

by Doug Gorney

“I want to balance the customer…


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Interaction Model for NFC Enabled Applications by Sachendra Yadav

Introduction to NFC

Near field communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that allows users to connect devices and access content and services by simply holding enabled devices near each other.

Once NFC chips are integrated into devices, a host of new applications can be built that can:

  • Pay for goods and services
  • Help people access such things as public transport,…

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It's More Important to Be Kind than Clever

From the Harvard Business Review:

"In a world that is being reshaped by the relentless advance of technology, what stands out are acts of compassion and connection that remind us what it means to be human."


Added by Tom Coleman on August 29, 2012 at 10:33pm — 1 Comment

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