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Celebrating 6,000 CUAs - Comments & Sucess Stories from around the world

By December, 2015, 6,000 Certified Usability Analysts had been created worldwide. CUAs were then asked how the certification has helped their career success. Below are their replies:

"I am a contractor to high level government and Department of Defense projects with the title Principal Usability Engineer. It has been fulfilling to work with top level development teams on mission critical applications that affect national security. I've recommended CUA certification to several colleagues with graphic design or front end development experience. They wanted to have a science-based approach to designing UIs and even switch careers to usability. They got their CUA and now I'm competing with them! Holy smokes, it works!" John Sorflaten, USA, CUA since 2002

"My CUA gave me credibility and confidence. People seek my advice, and I feel confident in providing it." Tim Satterly, USA, CUA since 2003

"Our company's internal departments felt consumed by their own checklists and didn't realize they were creating disjointed workflows for our users. We identified touch points and created scenarios. The testing results were eye opening." Karen Lewis, USA, CUA since 2006

"Learning the HFI material and applying it to my work was truly transformational. My team was already doing great design work and conducting regular usability testing, but we were still experiencing many issues on our projects. Our teams didn't trust us, and we were constantly going to battle, even for small design elements and features. After the CUA courses and exam, we began applying the user centered analysis concepts to our work. After we did the additional legwork of conducting user research up front, we (finally) became regarded user experience experience experts. We encountered political battles and wars of opinions far less frequently. Also, since that time, my team has grown from 3 to 9 full time employees. Most importantly, we have been able to make many measurable improvements to the sites and apps we work on for a variety of audiences."  Deborah Brasier, USA, CUA since 2006

"I was with Capgemini back them when I made the certification. That was a great time. I used the CUA punch to sign off UI design mockups at IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), Vienna." Peter Bittner, Switzerland, CUA since 2008

"The new knowledge helped me establish usability as one of the best practices in all the organizations I have worked with after the certification. Personally, I was always more confident because of knowledge and certification, and looked at almost all the things around me with a very different angle. Professionally, it made me capable to handle big projects in usability and meet business objectives." Chandan Sharma, India, CUA since 2009

"Being certified helped give me more credibility in my workplace, but even more important, helped me understand and apply both the science and art of user-centered design. I'm able to positively impact not only my co-workers, but the people who use the applications we build." Patrick Spadaccino, USA, CUA since 2010

"It made me feel more stronger, gave me confidence, made me start up a new company." Krishne Gowda, India, CUA since 2010

"As a Peruvian professional, studying at HFI not only allowed me to have the enriching experience of knowing the interaction design field in in India, but also helped me to have a serious understanding of the practice of usability and user experience methods. As someone who has followed formal studies in HCI, I can say that the most valuable from the experience studying at HFI was having contact with a solid methodology founded on real academic roots and immediate applicability on the business environment. I am very proud of showing my HFI certifications wherever I go." Juan-Francisco Reyes, Peru, CUA since 2010

"Started in Web Site Design in 1994. Attended first Human Factors Training in 1997 in Washington DC. Now there's a lot more involved than screen and interaction design. I use strategies and skills learned in this Certification every day." Tom Ghoreyeb, USA, CUA since 2010

"I completed my CUA in 2011, while still working as a technical writer. Over the past few years, I have changed careers to the UX field and am currently working as Senior UX Consultant at one of South Africa's major financial institutions. I can say with full confidence that this career progress and development is due to being able to gain my CUA qualification." Monique Maritz, South Africa, CUA since 2011

"Since obtaining my CUA exam (in 2011), I take the lead UX – from concept to realization. As a CUA, I also developed more interest in human behavior in general, I'm reading a lot of books and I'm learning a lot by implementing the learnings in my projects during A/B tests. To be a CUA, has helped me getting better understanding in designing painless and pleasurable user interfaces that match user and business needs. I'm looking forward to receive a Lapel Pin with mij CUA number on it and I will wear it with pride." : ) Jeroen Straatman, Netherlands, CUA since 2011

"The CUA certification has given me knowledge and recognition. Not only in my team but within my company. The application of same has resulted in improved UX of products I am working on." Prashant Dubey, India, CUA since 2012

"Thank you for everything I have learned from you, and for everything I already knew but you assured me I was doing it right. I feel much confidence in my UX decisions now. Much appreciated and I always recommend your CUA track for others interested in a usability career." Hoda Mira, Egypt, CUA since 2012

"Having my CUA has made me a recognizable expert within my organization for UX practices and methodologies. I have been asked to participate on additional projects due to my experience and skills in user-centered design and several of my projects have been identified as 'best known methods' for project success because I have incorporated my UX knowledge with my project management practices." Kimberly Tapia, USA, CUA since 2012

"The CUA title gives me enough confidence to proceed with my UX work. I have initiated a couple of UX processes that improve the understanding of our customers and provide them usable products. 'Putting things into practice' really helps avoid a lot of miscommunication between our customers and our business." Rajkumar Sreenivasan, India, CUA since 2013

"The CUA made me appreciate everything I see from a user's point of view. It's changed the way I think, not just at work, but off work too. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve things. The CUA has helped me ensure that whatever solution I propose is truly useful." NIbu Thomas, India, CUA since 2013

"I have worked in the usability field for many years. However, few companies fully understand the risks involved with neglecting to include trained Usability Analysts in product design. Too often I hear about harm that comes to operators, while knowing that my work has helped prevented this. A CUA certification underlines the importance of the usability profession and the depth of knowledge that Usability Analysts have. Thank you, HFI, for demonstrating and upholding the quality of the Usability profession." Teresa Hood, USA, CUA since 2014

"I'm one out of six CUA, and the only CXA in Sweden. It makes it easier to get companies to listen when I give them a call. Over 50% of the companies I call, invites me to present how I can help them with their usability and user centered design work." Rickard Östberg, Sweden, CUA since 2014

"While having worked in UX/UI since the mid 1990s -- after being inspired by Jakob Nielsen (anyone remember the Thunder Lizard Web Conferences?) -- stakeholders and new clients always questioned my proposals and credentials. Since going through the CUA program, my proposals and credentials have never been questioned and I get job offers weekly. Thanks HFI!" Eric Brown, USA, CUA since 2014

"A CUA changed my life. I am now on a career path full of opportunities. Thanks HFI." Justin Meintjes, South Africa, CUA since 2014

"With the knowledge and skills I gained from the CUA program, I have been able to shape new product and feature development of knowledge management tools. The result has been greater customer (end-user) engagement and new features that empower our users to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively." Adam Roades, USA, CUA since 2014

"Due to my certification as CUA, I received a significant job promotion with many responsibilities in the world of User Experience." Beth Harbin, USA, CUA since 2015

"The CUA helped me being recognised. I now work on a big project for the government." Mark Meijers, Netherlands, CUA since 2015

"I completed my CUA exam this October and feel a lot more confident knowing the knowledge I need to know for the job and the knowledge is up to the industry standard. Thank you HFI and look forward to keep the in touch with HFI and all my CUA friends!" Sandy Chang, USA, CUA since 2015

"Going for the CUA track and getting certified has been a game changer in my career. I have moved from Brand Management to User Experience Design, and the CUA has really helped me in propelling my dreams in being part of a mature UX practice at my company. Thank you HFI." Srikanth Kalakonda, India, CUA since 2015

"Journey post completion of course & certification has transformed not only engineering process but also approach towards executing any product we take. Certification has helped me to institutionalise this practice in our organisation & also gave very strong competitive edge over our competitors. We now call ourselves true partners to customers/end users and just any other vendor :)" Pritam Hasabnis, India, CUA since 2015

"I did my CUA course on my own account - paying for it with my savings as I believe this was the best investment I could make with my savings. This included flying up to Johannesburg and all associated expenses, as the course was not able to accommodate Cape Town." Roscoe Segers, South Africa, CUA since 2015

"I was an Interaction Designer and became a UX Consultant after my CUA. It was an amazing journey of understanding usability engineering and helps me practice the same with full confidence in my current organization. Now I can say that what turns to a wireframe and what not from the business requirement. Thanks to HFI for teaching Usability." Prabhakaran Kannan, India, CUA since 2015

"Being a CUA definitely helped me in getting access to more challenging projects which otherwise would have been difficult. Am thrilled to be currently working on a project for the visually impaired community, as my CUA skills are going to be used for a noble cause." Saurav Gupta, India, CUA since 2015

"I'm a Visual Designer. It is always good to know before you start designing if the design is useful for the target audience." Kiran Kumar Maddala, India, CUA since 2015

"The CUA has helped me immensely in terms of getting better insights on how the process of an informed design decision works for any User Interface/Experience project. The certification has made me stand upfront in the crowd of other UI/UX practitioners worldwide." Manoj Nath, India, CUA since 2015

"From Visual Designer to Lead Designer UI/UX CUA has given me the platform to understand the 'why' behind the design. Earlier I was making design decisions but on mere gut feeling. I knew what has to be designed but not why it has to be designed. This course has also given me better understanding of worldwide terminologies as well as recognition in my workplace as a UX designer." Nishant Kaku, India, CUA since 2015

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