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  • HFI San Francisco CUA Classes March 2011

    4 members Latest Activity: May 12, 2011 This is a way to connect with people from any of the classes in this 10 day series

  • Usability Testing

    76 members Latest Activity: Jun 5, 2015 Calls for creating another group that captures UT tools commercial/free for doing usability tests for UCD deliverables.

  • Aviation

    3 members Latest Activity: Feb 2

    Objective of this group is to provide a global platform to develop a standard, comprehensive vision on usability for Aviation Industry to develop…

  • Starting Usability from Scratch

    23 members Latest Activity: Jul 26

    How a person in the organization should start Usability as a practice.what are the challenges  to convince the top managment? How to create…

  • e-Commerce Ux

    22 members Latest Activity: Feb 20, 2015 So many consumers switching to shop online and spending more & more.Online store usability and eCommerce shopping cart usability are extremely…

  • Certification of Organizations and Designs

    22 members Latest Activity: Dec 13, 2012 Group for questions and discussion of the journey for certification of organizations and designs (Certified usable applications, sites, and products).

  • CUA Book Club

    97 members Latest Activity: Jul 26 The book club allows us to discuss books being read by members. Feel free to expand on things learned, ask questions about something confusing or…

  • Medical Usability

    51 members Latest Activity: Mar 28, 2016 Everything about human factors and medical devices: design and implementation issues, usability testing, national and international usability…

  • Rapid Prototyping

    117 members Latest Activity: Jun 5, 2015 Next-generation prototyping tools for requirements definition needed to build any online application.

  • Usability Toolkits

    196 members Latest Activity: Jul 26 Links to free and commercial usability toolkit materials including descriptions of usability techniques and downloadable tools such as guidelines,…

  • Job Opportunities (Offered and Wanted)

    248 members Latest Activity: Jul 26 Find the job that's right for you. Job opportunities and qualified job seekers all in the same place.

    Start Discussion to post a new job…

  • Agile UX

    208 members Latest Activity: Jul 26 The Practice of User-Centric Design within an Agile Development Environment:

  • Web Usability Metrics

    66 members Latest Activity: Jul 26 How do we use web analytics tools to measure usability? Is it even possible? What can Web Trends or Google Analytics tell us about our site's…

  • HFI Ten Day San Diego CUA Class 2009

    5 members Latest Activity: Aug 9, 2010 HFI Ten Day San Diego CUA Class 2009

  • Good Bad

    60 members Latest Activity: Jun 16, 2015 We can learn by example. What have you seen that's good, bad, or both?

  • Interaction Design

    177 members Latest Activity: Jul 26 Interaction Design plays a major part in usability of any application/system/product as it bridges a good information architecture and visual design.

  • Random Intersections

    79 members Latest Activity: Oct 30, 2013 Intersections | Discipline x discipline. Theory x practice.

  • Eye Tracking in User Experience Design

    45 members Latest Activity: Mar 28, 2016 What can we learn from the power of the eye? Share your ideas and ask your questions about eye tracking.

  • Ask the Community

    101 members Latest Activity: Apr 9, 2015 Ask the community for their expert advice. Help another CUA by sharing your experience.

  • Social UX

    99 members Latest Activity: May 31, 2013 Today's online experiences are increasingly social. This has profound impacts on how companies do business online to how we as practitioners plan,…

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