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Human Factors International (HFI) is looking for User Experience Professionals who would be performing a combination of the following roles:

  • Researcher (connects with end users and understands their needs, drives, blocks, etc.)
  • Analyst (derive insights from information)
  • Designer (create experiences based on your insights)

Applicant must have:

  • Passion for great user experiences that transform lives
  • Understanding of the user-centered design process
  • Capability to understand and represent the end user
  • Ability to emotionally connect and motivate people through design
  • Ability to communicate your findings, insights and design - both internally and to clients
  • Energy and drive to work on fast-paced, diverse, and challenging projects
  • Experience between 2 to 8 years

Good to have:

  • A formal education in Human Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Psychology, Information Science, or equivalent 
  • A portfolio of user experience work / projects
  • An advanced certification in User Experience (e.g. CUA and CXA)

Currently we have openings across levels in our Mumbai, India office.

If interested please write to our HR Executive, Deepika Srivastava (

Team HR

Human Factors International, India

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I am just sending my resume along with this mail.
Please forward this if you know anyone or if there is any requirement.

I have uploaded some sample works in Behance & here is the link below.

Thank you so much

Rachana Bondade, CUA

Graphic, Ui/Ux Designer



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