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Good evening all,

At the risk of sounding like I'm shamelessly plugging a book, I'm shamelessly plugging a book. My book :)

Last April I released a book with my co-author, Shari Thurow, titled "When Search Meets Web Usability."

The book shows the connection between search engine optimization and web usability. John Sorflaten, who some of you might have had as an instructor at HFI (I did), was the domain editor for the usability perspective expressed in the book.

I have one promotional book left. I'd be happy to send it to the first fellow CUA who sends me an email to Just make the subject line "CUA wants a book." That should do it.

Books I have read and would recommend include:
- Letting Go of the Words (writing for web)
- The Design of Sites (web design)
- GUI Bloopers (applications, but web design and web apps too)
- Getting to Yes (For those that find themselves negotiating)
- The Paradox of Choice (Emotional design about how we choose)

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Thank you for the interest in the book. I have mailed out the copy mentioned above. Sorry, no more copies at this time. :(


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