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I've read selling usability and it has a lot of tips on how to get usability into your business. What will work depends on your business. If you don't have time to read the entire book: at the end of each chapter is had a very short summary. If you read that you get the main picture. Some tips are:
* try not to sell UX, but show the benefits
* understand the business value
* write: articles, show success, lesson learned, research, collect stories, make cases, white paper, etc.
* help developers (documentation, library, etc)
* collect quotes from users
* don't use jargon
* put a UX message in your email signature
* work with the people form the quality department
* Be positive
* Watch out for opportunities and act
* ask a lot of questions and listen

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Thanks, Margot! Your tip for skipping to the chapter summaries is just what my manager needed. :)


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