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Hi everyone - 

After 10 years at the same company I am back on the job market. I've been a CUA since the mid-aughts but my UX work was all done under NDAs for my company so strict that I could be in trouble for using screen shots, even with the client name blurred.

Any ideas on how to create a portfolio from scratch when you can't use real work? I don't have any freelance work to showcase, either. 

Should I pick random websites and do hypothetical redesigns? Other suggestions?

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Sounds like you are fairly locked-in to creating your own conceptual work. 

In a similar situation, I found I could use work I did (previous iterations that didn't go into product as the final) and was not proprietary. Or, because often your design is governed a bit by team style guides and component library, can you create your own styles and components  and use them in projects you did before (imagine you had been able to do your own thing from the get go) and show your own style? 

Really your portfolio should show your own talent and style. 

Sorry this answer is months after the questions, but I am certain it's a discussion a lot of fledgling designers want to have. 


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