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I am working with a business that recently changed its IRS status from a for-profit to a 501c4. As we rebuild the website, they are concerned with moving from a .com to a .org. The are a financial services provider and they feel their clients will/would trust a .org less than a .com. I understand there is no legal need to use a .org, but there are organizational reasons to do so. Does anyone know of any study that shows how often a user looks at or checks the URL in the browser for .org vs. .com and what their expectations are?

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Hi Catherine not aware of any studies you could probably google it and check however a personal point of view if the business is non commercial it will be better to move to a .org as .com site indicates its a commercial organization and who knows in future there could be some benefits to .org sites...

Even knowing an organization is not-for-profit, most users will type ".com" into their browser's address bar - that's if they don't google the name. "dotcom" is the defacto default. And if they have a history of using the .com, the disruption of switching might be more confusing than not. You could do a User Test to prove it. One solution would be to register them both and have them resolve to the same site. Some of the .orgs I've worked with do that.



Agree with Tom...


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