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With nearly 2,000 CUAs worldwide, we knew it was time to launch an official community.

This site will give you an inside look at HFI's latest thinking on user experience issues such as PET (persuasion, emotion, trust), digital strategy, Web 2.0, cross-cultural design, usability ROI & metrics, and more. Plus, connect with your CUA colleagues to discuss a design challenge, manage the organizational politics of usability, or find a great job opening.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions for features and topics you'd like to see addressed in this community!

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This is great! Is there an RSS feed I can subscribe to?
Hi Tom,

CUA Central allows you to set email alerts so that you can follow the discussions you are actively participating in. To set up your preferences, go to My Settings (link on the upper right corner of the Main Page). The left menu has a link to Email where you can set your preferences.

CUA Central Community Host
It would be great if members could share any information they have about relative seminars coming up that they know about or that they've attended. I am looking for a seminar or conference on web 2.0, related usability issues and how it can be incorporated at my organization.

Hi Katie! This would be a great discussion thread in the Forums section. Why not post your question there?

CUA Central Community Host


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